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.:RP Rules:.

In order to participate in this RP story, you need to have a character approved in the Character Registration topic and have read the stories below.

No excessive swearing will be accepted, nor killing another person's character (instead if the action was planned and agreed by both players and the SM) SM= Story Moderator

We hope you'll all enjoy role-playing in this story and that you'll put efforts into it and cooperate with other players by participating in their actions or creating events with them. Have fun and now.... LET'S ROLE-PLAY! cheers


Species and Planets:

Main Race: Humans
Human's Planet: Omicron

Elve’s race: Sylvok
Sylvok’s planet: Kureeno

Ennemy’s race: The Raiders
Raiders’s planet: Zakvor

The planet is covered of dead dried fields of sand, rocks and bones. There’s multiple mountains and volcano as well, which make the traveling for non-raiders impossible, instead if reaching death is their goal. There’s also a permanent fog cloud covering every meter of this territory which possesses the sent of blood.

Zakvor was once accupated by many species but the main race of this planet, the raiders, eradicated all of them, using them as their food. They aren’t fighting among themselves because the flesh from one of their own kind acts as poison and kill them when they eat it. Raiders are another type of genetically modified species but nobody knows who created them and sended them to kill other species and destroy their planets. These raiders are non-human beings without any intelligence or compassion. Their only feeling is hunger. They physically look like monsters, with two giant long arms armed of big claws, as their feet are. We can qualify them as deformed killer humans who returned at the primal state, only following their instinct to kill and eat to survive.



Omicron, the man's world

Omicron is a high technological developed planet which uses a special ore only existing on their planet as the fundamental and primary source of energy: trynonnium. They are constantly developing new ultra modern weapons to destroy the raiders who are attacking and devasting, for 15 years now, the west fields.

The planet is composed of one giant metropolis governed by Gin Sato and divided in five sections: the west, the south, the north, the east and the central section. The central part is the city zone, where all citizens are living, where you can find the market, the shops, the security department, the government quarters and more. An energetic barrier surrounds the whole city, providing an emergency shield if some raiders would reach the center. This barrier can only be crossed by military units, the president himself or authorized personal for special matters. The south section is the Army’s Headquarters as well as the laboratories with the research department and the weapon stocks and storage. The north section is formed of the soldiers quarters and the east section is the weapon testing field and the training field as well. The west section is the battlefield where the Zakvor invaders are landing and fighting against humans.

Year 3102 A.G.

After several years of fighting against the raiders, the army’s science department’s head scientist, Misato Takeya, created a new high developed weapon: The Prototera, also known as Project Prototera. The Prototera is a super soldier, a human. His DNA has been manipulated and modified, granting him a sixth sense, generally called as a special power. The first Prototera was called Radon XM01 and had the power to control people’s movement for a certain duration. After XM01’s success, the army asked the scientists to create more Prototera using voluntary soldiers. The Prototera division was then created in the army, the new soldiers fighting for the sake of their planet.

After a few battles, the scientists noticed that due to the genetic modifications, the Prototera’s power was unstable, kept increasing and they weren’t able to stop it. The special soldiers were trained and were able to control the accumulated energy in their body but the government was aware that this quantity of energy could be enough to kill anybody if released. Afraid of the possibility they could loose control over the Prototeras, the government ordered their destruction. As he had been ordered, the general of the army sent assassins in the middle of the night to kill and destroy everything concerning the Prototeras.
The general knew her wife was the one who created the project Prototera and had planned to hide her from the assassins but he didn’t know she was still in the laboratories, working on a new pill she’d give to the Prototeras to regularize their energy. Projet Prototera was Misato’s pride and she was the only scientist truly believing that a solution was existing for the Prototera soldiers.
Misato Takeya died on December 29th 3087 A.G., along with all the scientists who worked on the project and the Prototera soldiers. Rumors say some escaped but no one know the truth behind this bloody night.
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