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Post  Welley on Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:11 pm

.: Character Registration :.

Here is the section where you can send your request to introduce a new character you want to role-play in the ANS's manga, Tales of Oberon. You will need to wait on either one of the Admin's approval or mine to start role-playing in the story with the character you submited. There's also some characters left, created in ANS manga topic, and that are available for anyone who wants to play them. If you want one of them, just send your request in this topic.

We are doing this to avoid people who'd create characters and simply enter the story without considering the main plot already established or the different species. Make sure to read the story written in Tales of Oberon [RP story] and fulfill this questionnaire below in order to be abble to participate in our forum's story.


Optional - <Character's picture>
Character's name:
Basic Background story:

If you want to do special actions during the story who involve a lot of people or would have major impacts on the story's development, just PS me and I'll be happy to discuss with you about it and try to arrange things to make it possible.

Current Characters:

Player: Welley
ToO Character Registration Rachel0004w
Name: Kamiko Takeya
Job: Flying unit soldier
Side: Good ... I guess
Description: Is mostly trying to discover the truth behind the mystery. Acting formally with people. Her best friend is Hideki.

Player: Aang
Name: Kazuki
Job: unspecified
Side: Mostly good
Description: He has the bad company's logo who made him on his back, it's kinda like their mark. He has his I.D. number in his right eye, which is 9. He can manipulate time and space and he has a great agility and evasiveness. He is uncivilised and intellegent in some sort at the same time. He doesn't quite know the meaning of the world around him as if a new born that discovers stuff but not like a baby though, he will be surprised and wouldn't know how things work. In some circumstances he could become more serious, when there's serious things and fights going on. He has this "prototype mode" where he's much stronger and has a greater control on his abilities, we could call it a trance. He will get more control of his powers as he travels so at the end it won't really be a trance anymore. In "prototype mode" his arms could cut through things or maybe other kind of powers that he got from the experiment.

Player: Guillx
ToO Character Registration 74650510
Name: Kaito Shigeru
Job/Affiliation: Flying unit Lieutenant
Side: will vary during story, mainly good
Description: some young lieutenant that will somehow mix up the prototype story
I would already know Kamiko since shes in my unit , the relation between the characters would be friendly , but formal as I am her '' superior''.

Player: Reven
Name: Ichiru Takeyo
Job: General of the army
Side: <Officialy good> / Unknown
Description: Pretty cold and impatient (even more after the death of his wife). He's always demanding their 100% from his soldiers and can't accept failure. He is always right. His pride is as big as his arms and he could easily be compared to a giant with his muscled body. But under his rough temper, he is an excellent general, loyal to his president till then end.

Player: Unknown
Name:Mina Honako
Job : The general’s personal secretary
Side : Good
Description : Really good looking Sylvek (look at race names below) but kind of naive since she’s coming from another planet which is less developed. She may appear to be a little brainless but she’s pretty creative and imaginative when the general needs help for military tactics. In reality, this is the second reason why he keeps her as his secretary (you can easily guess which one is the first ).

Player: Unknown
Name : Hideki Taesaka
Job : Scientist in the research department from the army’s laboratories
Side : Good
Description : He’s the youngest scientist due to his very high level of intelligence and logic. He’s the kind of person who doesn’t like physical violence or to use guns and knives and kill people. He prefers to help his community by creating weapons or machines to help soldiers instead of fighting on the battlefield. He’s really serious, profesional and passionate for his job. He also created Wanta during his first year of service as a scientist for the army.

Player: Unknown
ToO Character Registration Bluedragonwantapic
Name : Wanta
Job : Hideki’s assistant / Technician in computers
Side : Good
Descritpion : He is sort of a small human, a young boy, who looks a little primitive, with small claws as nails. He is really simple minded, funny and stupid ‘cause he’s acting like a baby but he LOVES women. He’s pretty amazing though when it comes to computers and electronic even if what he creates can sometime be really strange.
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